Tuesday, August 11, 2009

America the under-vacationed?

Take a look at the following table. It includes the average number of paid vacation days per year (not including holidays):


42 days


37 days


35 days


34 days

United Kingdom

28 days


26 days


25 days


25 days


13 days

Source: World Tourism Organization (WTO)
In a report released this summer by the New Economics Foundation, the United States ranked 114th out of 143 countries studied in terms of happiness. The group uses the "Happy Planet index," which seeks countries with the most content people. It also considers the ecological footprint and life expectancy of countries.

The report said the U.S. was happier and greener 20 years ago than it is today. I would bet there is a correlation with the lack of vacation. I'm just saying...a little more vacation time and I could write more, publish a book and maybe my fellow Americans would be a little happier.

In case you were wondering, the happiest country is Costa Rica. "Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world and have the second-highest average life expectancy of the world (second to Canada)."

Yes, please.

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