Friday, April 29, 2011


I've decided to hold off on posting about this week until this weekend because honestly, how can I talk about anything besides the royal wedding today?

Despite anyone's opinion, I LOVE the traditions of the royal family, and I've been so excited about the wedding. We even wore hats at work today. Yep, seriously.

I almost wore a tiara, but I decided to be respectful. Did you realize it's a really big deal that Kate's a commoner? I knew it mattered, but until this week, I didn't realize how MUCH it matters in the U.K.

This commoner (me) is thinking about a wedding dress change because I loved the classic appeal of Kate and Pippa's dresses. OK, not really, but what do you think about having three different gowns? A little much for my northwest Arkansas wedding???

Kate's dress was beautiful, but Pippa's dress really took my breath away. They both looked amazing.

This weekend, I have big plans to watch the ridiculous amount of coverage I DVR'd today.

Happy Friday!

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