Monday, January 24, 2011

Eric Church. Jason Aldean. And a friend-filled weekend.

It snowed last week, and Mr. A was so proud of his ice antenna ...
Sometimes, a lot of fun with fantastic friends is just what the doctor ordered. After both getting over colds, the boy and I were ready for a jam-packed weekend.

Here’s a breakdown:

Friday: Dinner with lovely friends at Mariachi’s (what's better than Mexican food in the mall?). I tried to make the right choice and ordered a guacamole salad and a side of black beans. Luckily, Mr. A’s friend Colby is competing in the same competition as I am, so he motivated me to stay away from the chips. He definitely won because he had zero. I probably had 10. And too bad I the big beers were only $2.75.

After dinner, we stayed out of the cold had a night in with friends that was full of lots of games (and laughter). And someone might have drunk a half gallon of milk (a bet, of course). Definitely wasn’t me.
Indoor beer pong. This table was a 2009 Christmas gift from me to Mr. A.
We weren't a very competitive team, but we had fun!
Saturday: After running errands, we managed to get tickets to the Eric Church and Jason Aldean concert. It was sold out, but we planned to go up to the arena and try to buy tickets outside. Luckily, Adam and I were in the car and heard they released a few more tickets.

After a quick call to our friends Sarah and Brandon (I know Sarah through my friend Rachel that I met in grad school), they bought tickets online! The concert was so much fun.

I wore the same dress and boots I wore to Taylor Swift two years ago. I guess it’s my “country” outfit.

After the concert, we made our way to Dickson Street (our local street that’s full of bars … you know the one every college town has). There might have been a stop at McDonald’s on our way home (at 3 a.m.). 
A cold walk to the concert. Twinks!
We got there just in time for Eric Church. I'm totally OK with the fact that we missed the John Deere girls.
Action shot of Mr. Aldean.
The crowd loved the Razorback cap at the end.
Girl talk!
Me, Colleen, Kirsten and Sarah. Colleen and Kirsten met up with us after the concert.
Colleen said she was definitely coming out because she poufed her hair. I love it!
Group (action) shot from our wonderful photog, Colleen ... we should have found someone else to take it.
Sunday: Lunch at the club with the boy. He left to go out of town for work around 2 p.m., so I spent the afternoon running errands (I finally bought the 30-day shred and plan to start after work …).

I stayed up until after 3 a.m. again. I couldn’t sleep, so I watched Easy A. It’s pretty good, but something about the main girl’s voice bothers me …

Eating healthy over the weekend is always a challenge, so for that reason, I’m very happy it’s Monday. My stomach is very happy, too.

Happy Monday!

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D @ The best things in life said...

I am so so jealous! I absolutely adore Jason Aldean! Looks like you had a fun weekend girl!