Monday, December 20, 2010

Death of the iron.

It's official. My CHI is dead. I thought it died a few weeks ago, but the boy was able to revive it. But this morning proved it officially decided to retire itself.

I'll miss you Miss Blue Sparkly CHI.

This means I have crazy hair today. Somewhere in all my junk, I think I have an old FHI iron that I can use until I get a new flat iron (the FHI barely works, but it gets slightly warm enough to take the frizz out of my hair).

Now, the only thing I'm sure of is that I won't be buying another CHI. The current CHI is my third. Aren't those things supposed to last forever? I will say the second CHI death was my fault (actually it was the crazy electric outlet in Paris that made the plates fall off), but the other two deaths are a mystery. And I sort of feel like you never know what you're getting with a CHI. The ones at Target are completely different than the ones at JCPenney, which are completely different from the ones at the salon, which are completely different from the ones at

My sister and mother have both experienced numerous CHI deaths. I'm ready to try something new, but I have no idea what. A flat iron is a pretty expensive thing to just try out and see if you like it. I'm leaning toward trying the T3 Single Pass (but it's $160, so I will buy it in 12 years when I decide I have that much money to waste put to something as a ridiculous as a tool to make my hair not look like I'm from 1997).
Do you trust the Allure Editors' Choice picks?
 Do you have any flat iron suggestions? I want something that reaches at least 410 degrees and that I preferably don't have to slide down my hair 42 times to make one section straight.


Ragan said...

I had a HAI and I loved it. That said, it also died, but lasted a good two or three years.

Caitlin said...

I'm a new follower of your blog, and when I saw this post I knew I had to comment even though I am a little late. I have owned, at the very least, about 7 CHIs and after the last one died I swore I wouldn't buy another. My mom and I now use the BayBliss Pro- it's WONDERFUL! It's a bit pricey but has a better warranty than CHI and certainly works better! Good luck, as another lady with crazy hair I know how important the straightening iron is!