Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eggs benedict.

Our breakfast was at Pure this morning.
Breakfast menu at Pure.

The restaurant is beautiful.
Service review: It couldn't have been better.
Food review: I had the eggs benedict and the boy had an omelet. We shared fruit. I should have ordered more fruit because it was so good. I wish they had fruit like this available all day at the buffet. Maybe they do and I just didn't see it, which is very possible because there is so much good food at the buffet.

We also stopped by the PC lounge to check out the continental breakfast. We met Raul, who is the operations manager, and he told us there was going to probably be a fish fry today. Can't wait! If you're wondering, they do the fish fry doing the day so you can still enjoy the restaurants for dinner.
I might order this every day.
I love the hats!


Rene said...

I'll remember to ask for extra fruit!! Eggs Bennie looks great! I am loving these posts!!! Thanks Ali!!!

baltobabe said...

Allison so glad you got to meet Raul! He is a dear friend of mine for many years. Saw him last year when he was OM at Dreams Tulum Can't wait to see him again at NOW JADE!