Monday, August 23, 2010

Day three: dinner.

We had dinner at Senses last night, which is the adults only, modern restaurant. The best way I can describe our experience is slow, but still tasty. We got there around 8:10 and were told our wait would be 30 minutes. They didn't give us a buzzer--they just told us to come back in around 30 minutes. An hour later we were seated. Again, it's not a big deal because we are on vacation and we're having fun. And I love the decor in the restaurant. It's red and white and definitely goes with the name "Senses."

Waiting for dinner.
The only part that bothered me was how long it took for someone to even come take a drink order once we were seated--around 20 minutes. And each drink after this took just as long. The food was pretty good--definitely "modern."

Entrance to Senses. It's a cool restaurant!
The restaurant was not full, and there seemed to me to be enough servers, so I'm not sure what took so long. But everyone here is definitely working hard, so I can't complain.

I heart asparagus soup.
My favorite dish so far was at Senses. The asparagus soup was SO good. Even the boy liked it.

He had swordfish and shrimp for his main dish, and I had some sort of chicken. Again, dessert was delicious.

I have to go now because we are off to Xplor!!! P.S. I will add more pictures to this post when we get back!

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Rene said...

I heart asparagus soup too!! Looks so yummy!! Sorry you weren't happy about the service! I'm glad the food was worth the wait! My fiance will love swordfish!!!!