Monday, July 26, 2010

A natural weekend.

Go team!
It was fast. I should have packed, but I didn’t. I’m moving this week!

Weekend recap:

Friday: Buffalo Wild Wings. My friend Rachel arrived from Dallas. Yay!

Saturday: Lake followed by the traditional Acambaro dinner. Yum! We even went down to Dickson Street. There were lots of high fives given out.

Sunday:Rachel left. : ( The boy and I went to a Naturals game. The Naturals are our minor league baseball team in NWA. We went for my work department's summer get together.

I left my camera at home, so only phone pictures. And I’m missing the fabulous picture I took with Grimace, the big purple McDonald’s blob, on Saturday. He was at Walmart in Rogers.
This was the third picture. After this,
he said I used up my quota.
I really wanted one with the kids helmet...

I don’t have the Biggest Loser results yet, so I will have to post about that later. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my long run this weekend. That means I have to make it up in the next couple days. Between that and moving, I might go crazy!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Eager to hear the results!