Friday, May 7, 2010

Choosing healthy.

Do you choose to be healthy?

I think being healthy is a decision you make for yourself, and lots of things affect it. I also think it’s very easy in the world we live in to become distracted.

This morning, I was reminded why I care so much about nutrition and want others to educate themselves as well. The woman (who was severely overweight) in front of me at the coffee bar had her own (large) cup. She filled it with sugar and cream before ordering her coffee, to which she added chocolate syrup. I’ve seen her order this numerous times. I wanted to tell her she could use skim milk, Splenda, and sprinkle a little chocolate powder or cinnamon on the top, and it would seriously taste just as good. Sure, I use half and half sometimes. And I think that’s OK. But I really try to be smart about what I eat (and drink). And when I am, I feel SO much better.

I really think there's a lack of nutrition education--especially for children.

We all need to think about the decisions we make on what we put into our body…every single day. I slip up sometimes (OK…maybe more than sometimes)…but I really think knowing your facts is one of the first steps.

Happy Friday!

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Mrs. Bear said...

I always think and eat healthy... and it frustrates me that not everyone in this world is as concerned as they should be - especially when I see overweight children!