Friday, February 19, 2010

A sore spot.

On this Friday, Feb. 19, I’m very sore. My office offers workout classes (for a small fee) Tuesday through Friday, conveniently provided by the gym I workout at, and I attended my first class yesterday. It was a great workout.

I also played tennis last night. I’m still terrible, but I’m trying to get better. I have a couple of lessons from Christmas, so I need to take those.

Weekend plans
My family is coming up this weekend, and I’m so excited. We are going to have a great girls’ weekend! The only thing we have set is to see Valentine’s Day Saturday. Adam has big plans, too. His sister will be in town from Dallas, and he is going fly fishing with his dad and future brother-in-law (his sister is getting married in May). Can’t say I’m upset about not going on that trip.

I'm sad that I have to miss my fabulous friend Ragan's wedding shower this weekend, but the family trip has been planned for a long time. I can't believe her bachelorette party is in three weeks!

Biggest Loser
P.S. I haven’t weighed in yet. I go here in a few minutes. As you know, I was in fifth place last week (Biggest Loser at work). I want to win! I will get a report of the places Monday, so I will let you know then!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the biggest loser at work! Keep us updated!