Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today's Southern Woman

"Today's Southern woman doesn't mind burning the candle at both ends. Especially if she's using her grandmother's candlesticks."

I must say I do love a couple big northern cities. Chicago and New York to be specific. And one of my best friends in the whole world (Brad) lives in D.C. He's a southern gentleman at heart, and he always will be. That being said, I love the South. I'm talking the "Southern Living" south.

I love big plantation homes. In fact, Ragan, one of my BFFs, is getting married in a big, Southern plantation home in March. It's called Marlsgate. One of my field trips in 8th grade was to this home, and I still remember it. Marlsgate Plantation is "a stately columned Greek Revival Mansion shaded by ancient oaks and a pecan grove overlooking the waters of Bearskin Lake. Majestically rising amid acres of rice, cotton and soybeans, Marlsgate is a refection of the opulent plantation era when cotton grew tall and there was a privileged class of wealth in the Arkansas delta." (photos and information from

Did you know that the Southern region of the U.S. (according the U.S. Census Bureau) includes 16 states and the District of Columbia? Overall, 36 percent of all U.S. residents live in the south, which is the nation's most populous region. Obviously all of these states are not included in the South I'm talking about.

I love Southern traditions and Southern manners. I still say "yes ma'am" and "yes sir." Thanks Mom and Dad. I love sweet tea, fried pickles and family gatherings.

In the words of Amos Lee..."there's something about a Southern girl...makes me feel right..."

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ragan hensley said...

that field trip is why i love it so much! the afternoon that my grandma went to look at marlsgate for the wedding, we stopped and had lunch at cothams, sans the hubcap hamburgers. almost the same, except the bus didn't breakdown. you remember...